215 pieces / ミクストメディア

The mask is a symbol representing the savior.This comes from the fact that the sun is considered to be wearing a mask during a solar eclipse.
There are many masks in the world.They represent the unknown world that is different from reality, such as gods and heroes.These masks are created and expressed out of the awe of the unknown world that is different from reality, such as gods and heroes, or beings beyond human beings, and the desire to become them.As Nietzsche said, the function of the "one God" has been questioned, and a single God has ceased to function to this day.As our society has become more diverse and complex, people have different concerns and fears.People today are more interested in their own situations than in a single hero with a single position that everyone in the world recognizes.I believe that people today are seeking help by imagining different images of heroes depending on the situation they are in.In Japan, the world of Shintoism, which is a polytheistic religion, there are eight million gods who are believed to reside in everything in nature.The word "eight million" represents the existence of an almost infinite number of gods.As there are as many desires as there are people, I will quote the masks of the world and express my/someone's god or hero that exists like the eight million gods.
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