立体全18点,平面18点 / ミクストメディア
“one piece & a whole”出品作品 @MASATAKA contemporary

I focused on the boom of "instagrammable".
"The act of posting food on Instagram because it instagrammable is not about eating it, but about taking pictures of it and getting "likes".The composition of the picture and the food that looks good are basically fixed.This is no different from mass production and factory production.Cakes, on the other hand, have a decorative and ritualistic role other than as food.In both cases, the mass-produced prototypes are being laboriously produced. Cakes and sweets as a symbol of Instagram.These sweets are mass-produced and factory-decorated. That's what I tried to express this time.For the visual of the cake, I used a cake that is mass-produced in a factory every day as a model in order to focus on the "mass-produced" type.In the form of the exhibition, the cakes are displayed on the wall from an angle as if viewed from above. (This is because most of the pictures on Instagram are taken from the top.For the two-dimensional model, I used acrylic processing to give the cake a display feel. The size of the output should be square as in the installation.

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